WHS Auditing


This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out an WHS audit and evaluate the management system of an organisation.

Unit of Competency:

Advanced Diploma of WHS (Partial completion)

  • BSBWHS606A Conduct an WHS Audit

Course Objectives:

This course specifies the outcomes required in conducting an internal or external WHS audit and making judgements against the evidence provided, that may or may not be part of certification against a recognised benchmark. It involves systematic examination against audit criteria to determine conformance with planned arrangements and the organisations Risk Management program, which will show the effectiveness of the organisation’s approaches to managing Occupational Health and Safety.

Course Content:

Topic One: Management Systems

  • What is a WHS Management System
  • What makes an WHS Management System Effective
  • Management System Standards and Guides

Topic Two: Introduction to Auditing

  • What is an Audit
  • Principles of Auditing
  • Audit Program Objectives and Extent
  • The need for audits
  • Audit, Class type and scope
  • The Audit Tool
  • Overview of AS/NZS 4801:2001
  • Auditing the elements of AS/NZS4801:2001
  • Identification of suitable evidence
  • Types of evidence for auditing
  • Auditing: Some terminology

Topic Three: Auditor Roles, Responsibilities and Skills

  • Auditors roles and responsibilities
  • Auditors skills and competencies
  • Auditor Certification
  • Auditors Code of Practice

Topic Four: The Audit Process (Internal and External Audit)

  • Planning (Initiating the Audit)
  • Audit Activities
  • Documentation Review
  • Internal Organisation Documentation
  • Statutory and Non Statutory Legislation
  • Preparing for the on-site audit activities
  • The Audit Tool
  • Performing during the Audit
  • Reporting on the Audit

Topic Five: Managing Difficult Audit Situations

  • The personality of the auditor
  • The personality of the auditee

Who Should Attend:

This course is particularly suitable for:

  • Employees who will be undertaking internal auditing for their organisation, as part of the systematic management evaluation process.
  • WHS Managers who wish to understand the auditing and evaluation process in greater detail
  • WHS Consultants who wish to become accredited as external WHS Auditors

Training Methods:

The course will be presented by group discussion, role plays, video, syndicate exercise, action plan development, case studies, audit practical exercises, lecture and report writing. The course is interactive and practical.

It is recommended that participants wishing to apply to study on the WHS Management System Auditing Course should have either:

  • Certificate IV WHS or equivalent
  • Current WHS Industry experience (at a supervisor/manager/consultant level)
  • Risk Management Qualifications

Course Support Materials Provided:
Course Materials included within the Course:

  • Course Notes and Handouts
  • The Audit Skills Handbook (Australian Standards: CB029:2003) Course Material not included but recommended to purchase:
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 – OHS Management Systems – Specifications with guidance for use

Course Assessment:
The assessment criteria for this course will be based on both informal and formal processes (as per  Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) requirements for competency based training).

The assessment methods used during the course will be:

  • Practical group exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Group/Individual Risk Management Exercise

This course has been developed from two units of the Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety – BSB60612

  • BSBWHS606A – Conduct a WHS Audit

On successful completion of the audit reports, participants will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment.