Health and Safety Representative Training:

 5 Day Course for Health & Safety Representatives – HSR

The 5 day training course is designed to provide Health & Safety Representative’s (HSR’S) with knowledge and skills to assist HSR’s in their role under the new WHS legislation.

Course Description:

The course is divided into 5 sessions covering important aspects of the role and powers of elected HSR’s as detailed in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Session Outline:

Day 1. Work Health and Safety Framework

Work Health and Safety and evolution of WHS legislation

  • WHS framework and key terminology
  • Duty holders and their duties
  • Introduction to the role and function of HSRs and WHS entry permit holders
  • Role and function of WorkCover and Penalties under the WHS Act

Day 2: Consultation, Representation and Participation

Consultation requirements and arrangements in the workplace

  • Roles and responsibilities of HSRs in consultation
  • Role of Health and Safety Committees
  • HSRs’ rights entitlements and protections
  • Exceptions from obligations and the review process

Day 3: Role of the HSR in Issue Resolution and minimising risks

Effective consultation and communication

  • Investigating complaints , negotiation issues resolution and problem solving
  • Monitoring and review of risk controls and the role of the HSR

Day 4: Inspections, Notifiable Incidents and Incident Investigation

Workplace inspection and recording findings – practical

  • Hazard identification prompt list
  • Sample workplace inspection checklist
  • Notifiable incidents
  • Incident investigation techniques – practical

Day 5: Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) and ceasing unsafe work

Purpose and function of PINs

  • Role and requirements for HSRs to issue PINs and process for issuing a PIN
  • Directing unsafe work to cease and alternatives to PINs or ceasing unsafe work
  • Course Summary and Evaluation

5 Day HSR Training Course Summary:

Day 1 – The HSR training course commences with an overview of the WHS legislative framework; duties of various parties and key terminology. The role of WorkCover and penalties for non-compliance is also discussed.

Day 2 covers the requirements for consultation in the workplace on work health and safety issues and the mechanisms available. The role of HSRs and Health and Safety Committees (HSCs) and other available mechanisms is discussed as well as entitlements and protections.

Day 3 of the course examines the consultative approach that can be used in resolving workplace health and safety issues through negotiation and conflict resolution and the skills HSRs can utilise to achieve successful outcomes. This day’s training also aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to identify hazards and ways in which they can be eliminated or minimised.

Day 4 the learning outcomes of Day 3 are reinforced with a practical exercise. Incident notification is discussed and activities demonstrating how HSRs can contribute to incident investigation are also undertaken.

Day 5, the final day of the HSR training course, participants are provided with the information and skills HSRs and deputy HSRs require regarding the issuing of Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) and directing unsafe work to cease where negotiation and issue resolution has been unsuccessful or immediate action is required. The HSR training course concludes with a summary and review of the course learning outcomes and discussion on sources of information that can assist HSRs in the continuous learning process.

Target Audience:

The training is primarily for those participants who are elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s) under the WHS Act.

Course Prerequisites:

Elected HSR.

Course Format:

The course includes a balanced content of theory and class participation through the examination of case studies, open discussion and practical application.

Course Length:

5 Days.

Participant Materials:

Course Notes and handouts.

Requirements for Completion:

Attendance at all sessions of the course.


Held at Health Services International training rooms at Tuggerah.
On-site training is available for groups.

Qualification Issued:

Statement of Completion.

Legislative Authorisations:

Course content is approved by WorkCover NSW, and conforms to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. The course is delivered by WorkCover NSW approved trainers and is nationally recognised.

For further information in undertaking the training, contact Health Services International Head Office on 02 4351 3322.

Proof of Identification (POI):

All participants enrolled in the Health & Safety Representative (HSR) training course must provide proof of Identification as specified by WorkCover NSW. POI documents must be originals, and provided to your trainer before the course commences. Documents must be issued by a government agency or a financial institution, and contain your name, photo and signature. You must also provide evidence of having completed the 4 day OHS Consultation course.


To enrol in this qualification please complete the enrolment from and return to Health Services International.